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MSM Powder
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MSM Powder


~ Natural form of dietary sulphur to overcome deficiencies or boost sulphur intake.

~ Allows other nutrients to be absorbed easily and increases removal of toxins.

~ Develops faster growing and stronger nails, clearer skin and lustrous hair.

~ Strengthens joints, improves training recovery and aids sore muscles.

~ Pure MSM Crystals, free from petro-chemicals and chemical contamination.

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MSM Powder Information


MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a naturally-occurring form of dietary sulphur found in all living plant and animal tissues, and is essential for all bodily systems and normal organ functions. Sulphur is found in every cell in the body, and is structurally and functionally important to 150 compounds within the body, including tissues, enzymes, hormones, antibodies and antioxidants. Organic sulphur is known for its anti-inflammatory and circulation enhancing properties.

As the body uses sulphur to build new cells, when there is enough sulphur and vitamin C available, strong healthy cells are built to replace tired old ones. The only major side effect of taking MSM powder is that you will develop faster growing and stronger nails, clearer skin and lustrous hair!

So great for building collagen and maintaining healthy joints, MSM powder is also advantageous if you want to increase flexibility and recover faster from training, avoiding sore muscles – an absolute necessity for athletes who train regularly.

MSM powder increases permeability allowing nutrients to be absorbed more easily and for the increased removal of toxins – it can also neutralise foreign proteins such as allergens, toxins, parasites and has even been used effectively to neutralise the foreign proteins in snake venom.

Use MSM powder with vitamin-C rich foods and add to smoothies if you don’t mind the taste. MSM is bitter tasting, so if you put it on the top of your tongue and chase it back with a juice or smoothie, you won’t taste it as much, as your bitter taste buds are on the side of your tongue.

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Product Specification

Raw MSM Powder

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Nutritional Information

Per 100g – Energy 291kcal – Protein 3g – Fat 1.4g (of which saturates 0.7g) – Carbohydrate 66.7g (of which sugars 17.1g) – Fibre 21.6g – Sodium 0.2g

Micronutrient Information

Per 100g – Calcium 92mg (11.5% RDA*) – Phosphorous 186mg (23% RDA*) – *RDA Recommended Daily Amount

Storage Instruction

Cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Harvesting Information


The MSM I have sourced is expertly produced by one of the leading manufacturers of MSM.

The production of MSM is designed to replicate the chemical reaction occurring in the upper atmosphere that generates MSM in nature.

Once MSM is synthesised, it undergoes centrifugal separation in order to eliminate most of the existing water in the mixture. The remaining solution is then filtered to ensure there are no foreign particles, before it is allowed to cool and form solid particles. This crystallisation process is essential for the purification of MSM; as most impurities do not fit into the lattice structure of the crystals, they remain part of the separated liquid solution and do not make it into the final product.
Finally, the MSM crystals are dried and carefully screened once more for any contamination. The resulting product is a white, odourless crystalline material resembling sugar, which is highly soluble and mixes easily into water, juice, and smoothies.

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King Of The Raw Daily Wake Up Call


I prefer to take MSM powder first thing in the morning with water.

Simply mix half to one tablespoon of MSM powder into a litre of water, and squeeze in the juice of a lemon or lime.

Drink this before anything else passes your lips, and for an added nourishment, take three to ten chlorella or spirulina tablets with this drink mix.

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