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The aim of King Of The Raw is simple. To offer the most amazing wholefoods and superfoods, always the finest raw and organic, direct from nature to nourish those in pursuit of perfect health.

I have carefully sourced and selected my suppliers to ensure there are absolutely no risks of contamination from agricultural, and/or other sources of pollution affecting products. The majority of products are certified raw organic, some of which are Fair Trade, and can guarantee products that have not been certified organic are farmed and grown in wild, isolated and environmentally pristine locations.

All products are plant-based and vegan, so that everybody can use them with no limitations, and all are suitable for raw food diets.

Please browse to see what’s on offer, and you will find all the information you need regarding products on each page too!

So, here’s to raw organic wholefoods bliss, your health and your happiness.




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